The Last

Awwwww this video is so cute… You should watch this if you are as romantic as I am! : ) – or if you’re a guy and you want to say the sweetest thing ever to the girl you love.

Seriously, when I watched this video, I had this huge smile on my face and sparkles in the eyes… I’m not kidding!

I want to meet a guy that will make my heart melt like the one in the video! I want to fall in love with “the good guy” who will be able to make me smile everyday, who will understand me, protect me, be there for me… I think every girl want to find a guy like that, right?

Yes… I am this kind of girl who is still waiting for the perfect prince charming ahah! I am sure he is somewhere in this world : ) – Don’t ruin my dream. ; )

-missbaila xo


10 thoughts on “The Last

  1. I like the video, so poetic and romantic. I asked myself, if I was in this good relationship would I want to know about his other loves. The answer for me is hell no, simple b/c I wouldn’t want to report on the my old loves. There might be something wrong with my thinking but this is the problem with being single.


    • No I think I feel the same way as you :) But I also think… if you’re truly in love with the other one, and if you’re comfortable with that person… it’s all right. It’s like… trust.


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