Hey guys!!! … Love is in the air! : )

I just want to say happy valentine’s day to each and everyone of you!

I know everyone has his or her own opinion about this “special day”… Let’s see how different people celebrate Valentine’s Day:

There is the perfect day when everything is simple, but you’re having a good time with the one you love… awww.

There is also the perfect night… when everything is organized, but this is so beautiful and romantic, and you feel lucky to be with the one you love! Yeah… you’re lucky! (I’m not jealous, I’m not jealous, I’m not… jealous! ;))

There is the moment when you buy the wrong gift to the loved one… and if you’re the one who doesn’t like the gift… you’re just really embarrassed, and you do as if it was the best gift everrrr. oops!

This is sad… you know when the one you still love broke up with you the day before Valentine’s Day….. outch! Keep your head up, and be strong xxx

Valentine’s day can mean… FLIRTING!!!!! : ) some people also become in relationship during Valentine’s day, and this is soooo cute! But I couldn’t do that because imagine if it goes wrong, and then… you always think of your ex during valentine’s day… awkward, and not funny at all.


There is the cute boy who wants to seduce the independant girl. So sad it doesn’t work.. OR it can also be the boy who made a mistake and now he tries to be forgiven. Good luck!

There are some people who just don’t like valentine’s day even if they are in couple! I can understand… why there should be ONE special day to show your love to the loved one? Valentine’s Day is not different from all the other days…  Spread the love everyone! X

If you are… Forever Alone. There is always the girl who can’t help, but be jealous by seeing all the other girls having an amazing and perfect relationship with the cute boyfriend…. Let’s give some love to her! xxxx

You can always have a great time with your FRIENDS. : ) Yeah… do not forget that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about love, but also about friendship!

Also… you can always enjoy candies and chocolate!!!!! ; )

Well… I don’t know how to end this post, but have a great day today and enjoy (or not) Valentine’s day!

Lots of love.

-missbaila xo


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