LOVE who you are.

Don’t you like you?


This song really inspires me… the lyrics are well written, and the video says it all! The song has such a beautiful message and I think everybody can relate to this.

I hope this amazing song will guide you through life. Be yourself, be who you are, love who you are, and enjoy all the little things that make you who you are. We are all perfect by being ourselves, so be confident and show the world how special you are by being… you.

Big love.

– missbaila. xo



« La vie est comme un livre. Ne saute aucun chapitre et continue de tourner les pages. Tôt ou tard, tu comprendras pourquoi chaque chapitre était nécessaire. »

Cette citation me porte à réfléchir… wow. Vivre le moment présent, se surpasser, surmonter les épreuves que la vie nous permet de rencontrer, être plus fort, apprécier tous les petits instants de bonheur, pouvoir apprécier ces moments après avoir vécu les instants de tristesse… vivre sa propre vie, suivre son propre chemin, être surpris par tout ce que la vie a à nous montrer et à nous apprendre.

Big love.

– missbaila xo

Procrastination… my worst enemy!

Am I the only one who always struggle to do my homework and/or study?

Everytime I try to get motivated to study, to don’t give up, to keep on focusing on my homework…

I ended up on the computer, watching TV or a movie, reading a book or a magazine, texting my friends, laying on the couch doing nothing at all, etc.

I think you know what I am doing… I do procrastinate.

Whyyyyyy?! (yes… there is always this feeling of depression when you realize that there is nothing done on your “To Do list”)

Are you as tired as me of procrastinating all day and all night long?

Watch this aweome video about procrastination… I think this is actually kind of funny! ;)

As it says in the description below that video: Procrastinating is an ART! Watch as these people realize the importance of doing NOTHING!

Have a brilliant day! :)


-missbaila xo